Jan 24 2014

Henderson Surety Services – International

One of the challenges in providing Surety is the localised nature of the market, with (for example) US business being written more or less exclusively by US underwriters, and so on. This makes it difficult for brokers to access overseas markets to satisfy the cross-border requirements of their major clients. However, towards the end of 2012, HSS were delighted to be asked to become a member of The Surety Alliance.

The Surety Alliance is an exclusive peer group of professional construction and commercial surety brokerages, located in major centres throughout the United States and Canada, and with a growing representation in South America, Europe and China. Its members are committed to pooling their knowledge and strengths to provide unsurpassed service and depth of resources to clients. Membership is by invitation only, and HSS is the first and only UK broker to join.

SA members are all sophisticated regional surety firms, widely respected and recognized as having a deep knowledge of the surety industry, and are dedicated to the maintenance of professional standards that earn them the respect of clients and surety carriers alike. Their clients now have a choice that moves beyond the traditional large brokerage houses. These multi-national firms may have office locations around the world, but dots on a map do not equate to talent, value, or exceptional service.

As a member of The Surety Alliance, HSS has access to an international network which enables us to source products for our international clients, and which also puts global companies in touch with us to service their UK requirements.